365 Project | August

August was by far and away my best month to date. I am very happy with the quality of my images. Most of the time, my photos are quick snapshots. I put more effort into pushing things a bit this month. Really focusing on using light, composition, and interesting moments.

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365 Project | July

July was amazing! The little one help John Joe proposed to me on my birthday, which was pretty cool to say the least. We took our first family vacation to Michigan and it was just lovely. I really focused on shooting during the last hour of the day. Finding interesting light and playing around with different ways to edit it.

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I know I’m asking a lot of you to do a day in the life session in your home. To come into your home and be a witness to your life. A behind the scenes look into all the realness. Let me tell you something. It is beautiful.

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A day in the life session

I am so pumped about “a day in the life” photography sessions. Photographing people being themselves and interacting with their family in the comfort of their home makes me feel like I have an important purpose on this earth. Like what I’m doing actually matters. These photos get to live on and serve as a time capsule of their life at that moment. It’s just so good.

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365 Project | May

Wow. This is age is so difficult to photograph. She thinks it’s hilarious to try and grab my camera. I was so thrilled with some of the smiles I captured this month despite the difficulty I had.

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