“Take chances. Capture authentic moments. Pay it forward.”

That moment when it all comes together. That glorious moment. A deep sense of meaning. Yes! I found it. Thank God.

I NEED to create. I NEED to give to others. It brings an overwhelming sense of contentment and satisfaction to my life. My mission is all mine. It can be whatever I choose. Incredibly freeing.

I need to take chances. Push myself to the edge in my work and life. It is there that I will be fully alive within this life. I am on a journey. Learning to embrace my blessing and letting my heart sing.

I want and need to capture authentic moments for families. I want to tell YOUR story. The beautiful, perfectly messy, real one. I want to create photos that you pass on to your children. So they can see all the love you poured into them.

It’s simple. Lastly, for every 5 photo shoots I do, I am going to do a free photo shoot for a family that can not afford photography. I feel called to do this. Everyone deserves photos. They are incredibly important.


Take a look around. Stay for awhile!

  • Crystal has an absolute gift for capturing the moments your heart only ever treasured, and her finished projects bring nothing but joy, moving tears, and complete awe and satisfaction with the photographs she captured.

    – Kylie 

  • I was so nervous at first. Now I am eternally grateful that I have these photos for generations to come.

    – Janel

  • She is incredibly creative, patient, caring, and works hard to capture precisely the right photos for US. 

    – Julie

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    Surprise your doubts with action.

    Crystal Buckey Photography
    I am a St. Louis area photographer and creative director available to photograph babies, families, animals, and more. Get in touch and we can create something amazing!
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